Dozens send videos to 9-year-old after birthday trip canceled due to coronavirus

After their younger sister lost out on a special birthday celebration because of the coronavirus, two siblings decided to throw her a different kind of party — with a little help from a lot of friends.

Nine-year-old Mallory was originally going to spend her birthday on a family trip to New York City, but the coronavirus canceled those plans. So her 11-year-old sisters Reagan and Amelia decided to ask family and friends to send videos wishing Mallory a happy birthday.

“She was really excited to go on this New York trip cause it’s kind of a dance trip that we go on every year. And it’s really upsetting to her that she couldn’t go on it,” said Amelia Condon. “We wanted to make this as special as it would have been in New York.”

“Our family is a really important part of our lives and we would do anything for them,” said Reagan Blais. “We just wanted to make our little sister happy for her ninth birthday since no one is coming for her birthday. We just wanted to make it really special.”

And more than 75 people have sent in clips.

“We’re in such horrible times in the world and everybody is coming together,” said Sara Wells-Blais, Mallory’s mother. “Her principal who I’m sure is going crazy trying to deal with homeschooling that she took the time one night to make a video.”

The family of seven is having a birthday dinner where Mallory will get to watch all the videos. She said she’s looking forward to one from her teacher the most.

“Because I’ve never really seen her say Happy Birthday to anybody,” Mallory said.

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