DPW worker charged with planting explosive device outside Maynard home

MAYNARD, MA (WHDH) — A Maynard man accused of placing a suspicious device on the front porch of a home in the town was arrested Wednesday morning on explosive charges.

Authorities said William O’Neil, 51, was taken into custody around 5:30 a.m. on charges he placed an explosive device at a nearby home and possession of an explosive device.

Police said O’Neil, a 32-year member of the Weston Department of Public Works, planted an explosive device at a home at 7 Demars Street on Monday, prompting a response from the Massachusetts State Police Bomb Squad.

A fingerprint found on the device tied O’Neil to the crime, police said.

“They identified fingerprints on the device, which then in turn identified the suspect,” said Police Chief Mark Dubois.

O’Neil is also believed to be connected to a similar incident that occurred on Oct. 29, involving a suspicious package found near a resident’s home on 6 Walcott Street.

No one was hurt in either incident. In both cases, police said O’Neil planted a device on the front lawns of random homes, not far from where he lived by himself.

Neighbors said they are terrified by O’Neil’s actions, especially because young kids live in the area.

Police searched O’Neil’s home and workplace on Wednesday, but were unable to uncover a motive.

O’Neil faced a judge in Concord District Court and was ordered held without bail. He is slated to return to court on Friday.

Investigators said he could be linked to several other crimes in the town over the last few months.


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