Drawing the Line on Humidity

Just about everyone could agree that the weekend was spectacular. However, today was the day where people split and went their separate ways.

Thanks to the humidity. 

If there's anything that divides us, it's the sticky air in summer. Some love it, some hate it. Whatever your take, it's here for another day and a half.

Then we'll make the dry air folks happy. So in essence, everyone gets their fill this week.

You would think that the humid air would fire up a lot of storms…but in reality, they were pretty far removed from Eastern Mass. today. Severe weather was on the dinner menu tonight across Northern New England.

Severe storms marching thru Northern/Central NH. Flash flooding, gusty winds/hail primary threat. Moving northeast. pic.twitter.com/sfuZRzozNN

— Pete Bouchard (@pbouchardon7) August 3, 2015

There was a big drop off in the coverage and intensity of that line across Southern New England however. Like to nothing…or nearly nothing. Such has been the summer of 2015 here in Southern New England. Clearly a #thunderdrought going on here.

We might have a chance at a few storms by morning and again tomorrow afternoon, but these are not widespread and/or automatically severe. Some will get a brief garden or lawn watering, but most will come away empty-handed.

Cooler air will start shuffling in tomorrow night, but we won't get it embedded in Southern New England until Wednesday afternoon. Thereafter, the storm threat goes to nil and the temperatures continue to slide.