It’s been a cool start to the month of October (running about 3 degrees below average), but we’re starting making a comeback.  FINALLY some "orange" boxes on the temp calendar, indicating an "above average" day.  Personally, I’d like it if things would stay "above average," wouldn’t you?  Just wait until Columbus Day, which I think will be an A+! 

Not so much for tomorrow, though…. Clouds move in overnight tonight, and while temps will go up, showers will be coming down.  It’s not a washout – and the showers hold off until the afternoon hours.  Generally speaking, it looks like between a tenth of an inch to 0.3" for most, though we can’t rule out some spots getting a little more.  There’s a chance there could be some isolated thunderstorms in this action tomorrow evening.  While I’m not confident of the rumbles of thunder, it’s still worth mentioning.  Highs will be near 70° for most tomorrow, with a breeze strengthening in the afternoon.

It’s just that little bit of wet weather we have to get out of the way before a beautiful Columbus Day Weekend.  With the passage of a cold front kicking up those showers tomorrow, Saturday will be crisp and cool.  Highs to start the weekend will only be near 60°, but with plenty of sunshine!  Remember, the temperatures you see on TV or on your 7Weather app are temperatures taken out of direct sunlight.  So, if you step into the sun it can easily feel 5 to 10 degrees warmer.  Soak it up!

Then temps will climb to about 7-10 degrees above normal (normal high for Boston this time of year is 64°).  Sunday we’re in the upper 60s, Monday we’re in the low 70s.  Perfect for leaf-peeping and apple-picking… Or, if you switch those around like I accidentally did earlier: "leaf-picking and apple-peeping."  It works too, just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

Meanwhile, be sure to enjoy the next 23 sunsets (after tonight).  We’re not far away from the end of Daylight Saving Time.  Come November 1st, we’ll be burnin’ daylight, with the sun setting at 4:39pm.  It’s just worth mentioning for planning purposes, but I know the popular response to my mentioning that was a loud "WAH, WAH!" (see below).  – Breezy

(Reference from the SNL "Debbie Downer" sketches)

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