What a storm. Too bad it wasn’t snow for the snow lovers/plow guys (and gals) as most towns picked up 3-4″ of rain (likely would have been 1-2 feet of snow!). This storm spends a little more time with us the next few days. Thankfully it’s not as powerful as it was yesterday.

The storm behaves like that toy you may recall…sit-n-spin…as the storm does just that….sitting in New England and spinning lobes of moisture through the region today & again tomorrow. This moisture takes on the form of rain showers today with most towns less than .50″ of rain and in-between the rain showers will be drizzle and mist. Much the same this evening…isolated showers, drizzle & mist.

The storm is still with us tomorrow but the air is a smidge cooler so those rain showers will be mixed with snow showers–especially across the interior. Nothing to be alarmed about but rather just enough snowflakes in teh air to go along with the Holiday Music.

By Friday and into the weekend the storm weakens further and begins drifting away from us. That will allow some sun around on Friday with increasing amounts of sunshine over the weekend. Temps the next several days run seasonably cool…upper 30s/low 40s.


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