Drink It In

Well, the sky finally opened up today. First around Buzzards Bay in the morning, then throughout Central and Eastern Massachusetts this afternoon and evening.

And we’re not done. Torrential rain is still possible – in occasional pulses – into the wee hours of the morning. Thankfully, with low pressure passing off Nantucket, activity will ramp down by 5-7 am. 

Flash Flood Watch is up for a good part of the night tonight. Like its name suggests, flooding could happen in a flash with any of these downpours as they attempt to wring out the semi-tropical airmass sitting over us. The greatest chance of intense rain (and further flooding) is across Southeast Massachusetts and Southern Rhode Island. It’s here that you’re closer to the low pressure offshore and also here that we find the deepest tropical moisture – with dewpoints in the low 70s.

This weather system pulls away in the morning Friday, allowing us to dry out – slowly. Sunshine may make an appearance, but I think it will be limited and in small doses. As far as temperatures, don’t expect anything big. Low 70s will rule as the air is drawn in from the north/northeast. Ditto for the weekend. 70s hold sway with a chance of rain returning Sunday.

Late word on that particular day is that the rain will be spotty, not torrential and/or widespread. Seeing as how tonight’s rain is heavy and some of it will be lost to runoff, I’d say a gentle, cool wetdown is welcome news on Sunday.

Now, to get to the business of the night.

GOOOOOOOO PATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!