Driver accused of crashing into several cars in South Boston arrested

SOUTH BOSTON (WHDH) — An alleged hit-and-run driver was arrested Friday after police said the man struck several parked cars and took off.

Witnesses said the man driving a Prius hit five cars parked on East 4th Street and drove off.

“It was incredibly loud, you would never think a car of that size would be able to do the damage that it did,” said Courtney Austermehle.

While the owner of one of the parked cars called police, Austermehle drove around Southie to look for the Prius. She said she found the car near a park.

“He was asleep in the car and it was definitely him because the whole side of the car was smashed and the front was falling off,” said Austermehle.

Owners of the damaged cars later found notes on their windshield that read, “We found the guy. Call me.”

Police arrested the driver.

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