Driver crashes into auto body shop in Wareham

WAREHAM, MASS. (WHDH) - The owners of a Wareham autobody shop are searching for the person responsible for crashing into their auto detailing garage, hitting two cars, and driving away.

“He came right over that bush, he must have been airborne, hit the ground, and drove right through here,” Bill McCain, the property owner, said.

Two cars inside the garage were damaged, a customer’s Volkswagon and the owner’s Mustang.

The shop owners say the driver also left pieces of his own car behind.

“Plenty of pieces, headlights, bunch of his car is still here,” Ashley Paulino, the Auto Precision owner, said.

Paulino said she just opened the sop in August, and if this happened during the day, someone could have been seriously hurt inside.

“I wish he would have just stayed, you know?” Paulino said. “You’ve got to pay for what you do.”

The property owner said the garage is now condemned, and he has strong words for the driver responsible.

“I’d like him to come down because I just finished this, right? And say, ‘Look what you’ve done,'” McCain said. “Get yourself a hammer and a saw and some nails and let’s go put it back together.”

The owners say they are not touching most of the damage while they wait and see how much insurance is going to cover.

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