Driver nearly killed after tree crushes truck

NEVADA CITY, Calif. (WHDH) — A driver in California was nearly killed after a tree came crashing down on top of his truck.

Joe, who works for the California Department of Transportation, said it only took seconds for the tree to smash on top of his truck. The tree was brought down in one of the many wet winter storms that have hit the state.

Joe said he saw the tree fall across the road and knew there was no way to stop. He said he was concerned about the fuel tank in the bank of his truck, worried it might explode.

“Took me a minute to get my bearings but I just kind of crawled out that window and called for help from our dispatch.”

Crews rushed to the scene to help Joe, who only suffered some bumps and bruises in the crash. Sixteen hours later, he was back at work.

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