Storm’s a comin’…although it’s not here yet. And it won’t be here tomorrow. So let’s talk about the cold first.

Temperatures all over the place tonight. Sure, we’ll all be below freezing, but some in the suburbs tip the scales at the mid-teens, while the breezes along the coast keep the temperatures in the 20s. Skies are partly clear, with some clouds drifting by from time to time.

Tomorrow’s all about the wait for the storm. Clouds will thicken and the temperatures…remain cold. So how is it that we’re confident in the rainy forecast for this pending nor’easter.

Good question. With an even better answer. Because the storm is mild. And the cold is – by it’s very nature – marginally cold enough for snow. Initially, there might be a burst of snow through Greater Worcester early Tuesday, but with an powerhouse storm moving massive amounts of mild air, this kind of cold will wither. Now, if we had an arctic airmass, the outcome might have been entirely different.

Winds are an issue here. Gusty northeast winds could top 50mph at the coast, with possible coastal flooding at the noontime high tide on Tuesday. Thankfully, we are passing the highest tides of the month now (thanks to the full moon), so things could have been much worse.

Still, a nor’easter is a nor’easter. And it’s time to get ready for at least 1-2 inches of rain.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.




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