Just a wee bit o rain this morning laddie…..that’s all I got for Irish love..haha..ok maybe some green eggs & ham. Today we track an arctic front and that front will eventually send warmth out of New England. Before that happens we have some rain to contend with this morning and then windy conditions this afternoon. It is a bit of a wild, wacky day as we’ll see some rain, sun, wind, mild & cold temps..all in about 12-14 hours. The sun, wind & mild temps show up early this afternoon as the showers jump offshore. That afternoon sunshine will boost temps up near 50 for a few hours early this afternoon but the wind that develops will work against that mild air. Temps this evening will crash into the 30s and settle to around 20 by daybreak Wednesday.

Tomorrow and Thursday it’s all about that cold..no trouble… as skies will average partly to mostly sunny. Despite the strong March sunshine temps won’t get above freezing tomorrow and only into the mid 30s on Thursday.

Friday is another chilly day and we’ll track a storm that will graze southern New England late in the day. I think we see some light snow & rain late Friday afternoon and Friday night. There may actually be some accumulation Friday Night–especially across SE MA. More on this tomorrow.

Enjoy Your St. Patrick’s Day!


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