Throw down 2-3 feet of snow in the dead of winter and don’t let the air move around at night you some wild things happen to those temps! Early today the numbers crashed well below zero once you were a mile or 3 from the ocean–or not on a hill (Worcester). As we step through the day the temps will make a nice recovery able to reach the low 30s—and still no wind with a mostly to partly sunny sky. In January, I’ll take that every day of the week–including Tuesdays!

Tomorrow we have another storm to contend with. It’s not major but we’ll be shoveling & plowing when all is said & done. It will be a drawn out storm that arrives around 3am Friday but doesn’t leave until 7-8am Saturday. This is not a blizzard. The snow will be light & patchy for much of the morning and even some rain at the immediate coast from Boston south midday Friday (it will flip back to snow around 2pm Friday). I do think from Boston-North some steady snow is likely late tomorrow afternoon into Saturday morning. That’s when metro Boston will pickup most of its snow from this storm (Worcester area gets most of its snow before 2pm Friday). Snow potential is graphically displayed in our Maps section under *special* map. Have a look & share with friends on Twitter/Facebook as well as Instagram.

For the weekend, the storm quickly departs early Saturday and we are left with a blustery& cold day. Sunday is fantastic for skiing & sledding before THE GAME. Our active pattern continues into next week as we watch a storm pass south of New England Monday-Tuesday. The track is not locked on this storm but there is the risk of a plowable snow late Monday Night & early Tuesday.


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