Dropping the Hammer on the Humidity

Little more comfy for you today? Yeah, the humidity took a (welcome) hit this morning and afternoon.

If you recall, we had a line of storms across NY yesterday. While that line fell apart last night, there was enough “turnover” in the atmosphere to drop the humidity and shave about 2-3 degrees off our high temperatures. Not a bad trade: dissipating storms for a drop in heat/humidity.

More thunder is firing in about the same locations this evening. Two reasons I think we’re going to stay quiet tonight: the storms are moving northeast into NH AND the atmosphere will stabilize a bit after the sun goes down. Sometimes these factors aren’t enough to hold the storms back – esp. if the fronts are moving quickly and the sticky air lingers – but I think this time they are: humidity has dropped and the front is slowing to a crawl.

Change of pace tomorrow as the front stalls across SE Mass. The focus for showers or a random storm will shift from points north of the Pike to points south. Not looking at a vicious storm outbreak, but a few scattered rumbles with a downpour or two are very possible. All the while, less humid air will be establishing itself across Northern Mass and Southern NH.

Weekend setup is a familiar one: plenty of sun, seasonably warm temps and slowly rising humidity.

Make your plans now!