Our Tuesday storm is still doing its thing–sitting & spinning as well as weakening. As this storm spins down (like a spinning toy top) it’s allowing drier and colder air into itself. This means two things for us…..for showers today and also the showers we see are likely to be snow showers. Thankfully, these snow showers won’t be enough to clog roads with snow but rather put you in the holiday spirit (if that’s your scene).

Tomorrow we see further weakening of said storm so just a bunch of clouds with temps near 40. The weekend sees continued improvement with partial sunshine on Saturday and mostly sunny skies for Sunday with temps both days in the low 40s. Great weather for a December game in Gillette!

Looking into early next week we see more sunshine on tap for Monday as well as Tuesday then turning a bit unsettled toward the middle of next week with some rain/snow showers. The snow lovers are getting antsy…..there are signs that the last 10 days of the month offer a stormy pattern–one with more cold air available than what we’ve seen with recent storms. Patience Grasshopper!


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