Drumming toddler steals the show

SOMERSET, Ky. (NBC) — 14-month-old Greyden Davis of Kentucky is rarely seen without his dad’s drumsticks clenched tight in his teeny little hands.

Grey’s parents say he started drumming at three months old, even before he could crawl.

“We noticed over time that he started having rhythm and every morning when he woke up he would come over here and grab the sticks and start beating on it,” his father Brandon Davis says.

Like most kids, he started out with Fisher Price, and less than a year later, he’s in the family garage warming up for his next show.

His family says musical talent runs deep in the Davis blood. Grey’s dad and grandpa both play in bands for fun.

“I think by me drumming and him watching me on stage and stuff, he’s just picked it up,” his dad says.

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