Drunken clown a hit at couple’s wedding

Most couples aren’t seen clowning around in their wedding photos, but most couples don’t have a friend like Erik Patterson.

“People thought I had crashed, “Patterson said. People thought, ‘What is this drunk clown doing at this wedding?'”

It all started with Patterson’s theater school classmate, Marvin, told him he had to make some painful cuts for his upcoming wedding.

“He said, ‘You didn’t make the cut. We can only invite so many people, but I figured out a way to get you at the wedding if you’ll do something for me,'” Patterson said.

Marvin always thought it would be funny to have a drunken clown show up at his wedding, so he asked Patterson if he’d take part.

“It was a fun offer. Who could turn down, ‘Do you want to be a drunk clown,'” Patterson said.

Patterson got into costume before the reception and had a few drinks just to make the part more authentic.

“(I) just kept stumbling around the party and grabbing people’s wine and drinking it and starting up conversations with strangers,” Patterson said.

Most people thought it was funny, but not the bride’s father, at least not until he found out Patterson was a friend of the happy couple.

“He tried to get security to escort me out, and then she went over and stopped him, and then the cat was out of the bag and then it was just really fun,” Patterson said.

Recently, Patterson posted the story online, saying he was tired of all the bad news out there and just wanted to give people a laugh.

The story has been liked thousands of times on Twitter. Patterson is glad he’s spreading some good cheer.

“I’m happy to have put something out there that makes people laugh like that,” Patterson said.

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