Our comfortable summer pattern rolls on. I’m looking at the temperature map as I type, wondering if the city of Norwood (typically a cool location this time of day) will have a low in the 40s. As of 4am, they are sitting at 55, they have about 90 minutes of  cooling before the sun goes to work. Amazing at the end of July and I’m watching for an early morning temp in the upper 40s. #DryAir

#DryAir can cool off fast but it can also warm up quickly and with strong July sunshine going to work yet again (Thanks High Pressure!), places such as Norwood will flirt with 80 by afternoon (most cities & towns will get close to 80 later today). Coastal areas will see a sea breeze this afternoon so plan on temps in the mid/upper 70s. Great beach day.

High Pressure is with us for the remainder of the week so look for more comfortable nights & mild days under a mix of sun & clouds–there may be a few sprinkles from some of those clouds across interior New England (Berkshires/Worcester Hills/Lakes Region NH) both tomorrow afternoon & Friday afternoon. As for the weekend, we have some issues as a front (same front that came through here Monday evening but much weaker) will back up & head west into New England. This front will bring clouds, some humidity as well as the risk of some showers. As of now Saturday offers a higher chance of showers compared to Sunday. Further fine tuning of the weekend forecast is needed.

 Enjoy Huuump Daaaayyyy


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