Dry Pattern Rolls On

We had a few showers this morning–enough to wet my driveway but not enough to take a bit out of our recent dry stretch of weather. Going back to March 1st (first day of meteorological spring) many cities & towns have accumulated close to 6" of rain (and melted snow) and up until these past 7-8 days, had been close to normal. Due to the recent stretch of nice weather, we now have a healthy deficit, around an inch of rain. Today’s showers did nothing to help that cause and we are dry until Friday afternoon. It’s not overly concerning yet but something to watch as we roll through spring.

Sunshine is in full force tomorrow and again on Thursday so despite the dryness of late, we do have a couple of delightful spring days ahead of us. Temps tomorrow are typical for April….low to mid 50s along the coast and closer to 60 farther inland. On Thursday, we get a nice southwesterly breeze and that (combined with strong April sunshine) should be enough to boost temps into the low 70s–even along the coast. The drawback will be the dry, windy conditions leading to an increased threat of brush fires.

Friday is warm again with temps into the upper 60s but we’ll also see a front approach by afternoon. This front will bring clouds & scattering of showers. Not a washout with most towns pick up .25" of rain or less. More dry weather returns for the upcoming weekend. Overall pattern appears dry for the next 1-2 weeks across the northeast.