While skies cleared out nicely last night, we’re already seeing low clouds back in off the ocean this morning, overtaking much of coastal Plymouth County and the Cape by sunrise.  Lows clouds continue to fill back in off the coast through the morning and into the afternoon, providing a return of gray skies across much of eastern Mass by midday.  Even by late afternoon, the clouds advance back through 495.  Highs today hold near 60 at the coast to mid to upper 60s outside 495.

It’ll stay dry tonight, but patchy drizzle and fog is possible overnight as low level moisture continues to increase.  Lows tonight fall to near 50. 

That patchy fog and patchy drizzle is with us early Saturday, then we’ll see a bunch of stretches of dry weather mid morning through mid afternoon.  I’d say anytime after 3PM, we’ll be fair game for more showers working in again, perhaps even later across eastern Mass.  Those showers continue to increase for the evening, and then clear out overnight. It’ll be a bit milder tomorrow too, and even feel a bit on the muggy side.

The front clears us by Sunday morning, allowing for a bright, but breezy day.  Nice for the Making Strides Walk in the city and a nice day for tailgating at Gillette.  Of course, at that point, we’re on to Cincinnati.  Kickoff temps in the low to mid 50s.

We’re not done with 70 either.  We’re close Monday, and likely hit it Tuesday and Wednesday.

Have a great weekend!

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