Dudley man fighting to keep dog from being euthanized

DUDLEY, Mass. (WHDH) — A Dudley man is fighting to keep his dog from being euthanized after the town said the animal is dangerous.

Brian Ceccarelli’s boxer Chance has been in the town’s animal shelter after he attacked four other dogs. In August, Dudley selectmen unanimously voted to put the dog down. The town maintains Chance is dangerous to animals as well as people, having also attacked a pizza deliveryman.

“We’ve all had enough,” said James Davies. Two of his dogs were attacked by Chance earlier this year.

“Vicious. You can’t walk down the street without him charging a window, charging the door. Everybody on the street’s afraid of him.

Ceccarelli admits that Chance can be aggressive and said he recognizes why his neighbors are afraid. But he believes Chance should be allowed to live because he helps him emotionally. Ceccarelli said he has PTSD and suffers from anxiety and panic attacks after 25 years as a firefighter and paramedic and that Chance helps calm him down. He also recently added a 5-foot fence around his yard to keep Chance in.

“I believe at the end of this, justice will be served appropriately,” said Ceccarelli.

A judge determined Chance’s fate will be decided next week during a trial.

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