Dunkin Donuts announces upcoming menu changes, new items

(WHDH) — Dunkin’ Brands announced a strategic plan with plans to grow revenue with changes that include new menu items, more stores, and strategies to focus on bringing in customers throughout the day.

In its 2018 Investor and Analyst Day, the chain announced it plans to “compete even more effectively in the coffee and beverage segment.”

The plan involves adding around 1,000 stores, 90 percent of which will be outside the Northeast.

The chain says it plans to add new beverages, including premium tea and frozen beverage products as well as more espresso products.

Dunkin’ Brands says it will place added emphasis on new breakfast sandwiches, including flavored bacon sandwiches.

The chain also says it has an annual calendar of seasonal donut options, and it has committed to remove artificial dyes from its products.

Also to be included in 2018 are additional value offers.

Dunkin’ Donuts restaurants plan to increase its DD Perks loyalty options, including ways to earn points using all payment forms, and is looking to expand third-party delivery options.

More information on the company’s strategy can be found here.

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