Dunkin Donuts announcing changes to menu

Dunkin Donuts has announced some significant changes to the menu, getting rid of a few old favorites in favor of some new items.

One of those changes includes saying goodbye to a popular frozen drink.

Dunkin has announced that they will no longer be serving the coffee coolatta, instead making room for a new frozen coffee drink.

The popular chain is also planning on testing a new coconut cream pie iced coffee and a caramel shaved espresso.

The new frozen coffee drink is called Frozen Dunkin’ Coffee. The drink is slated to launch this summer and is said to have a more authentic coffee flavor.

They are also launching Dunkin Energy Punch, which is part of the chain’s partnership with Monster Energy

A new pink lemonade coolatta, fruited mango pineapple tea, and blackberry tea will also launch soon.

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