Duxbury Beach reopens after closure prompted by shark eating whale

DUXBURY, MASS. (WHDH) - After being closed on Sunday after a great white shark was spotted eating a whale near shore, Duxbury Beach re-opened Monday, officials said.

Multiple people took photos and video of a great white shark taking bites out of a dead minke whale off the coast of Duxbury on Sunday. The shark’s leisurely meal prompted officials to close the beach.

Boaters told 7’s Nathalie Pozo they were shocked but mostly excited they got to witness a sight like that.

“We have always had this fantasy of seeing a great white shark,” John O’Brien man said. “We have never seen anything like this. No, it’s definitely exciting.”

O’Brien was one of many enjoying Labor Day weekend out on the water when his brother-in-law spotted the 12 to 15-foot shark.

“There were actually a couple of sharks down there. At least two. It could have been upwards of four,” O’Brien recalled. “So, we ultimately got a great shot out of it.”

Grant Suchecki was also out on the water and was also able to grab some amazing footage of the feeding frenzy.

He said he spotted he great white about half a mile off the beach and he just had to get out there and catch a glimpse.

“I turned to my friend and was like, ‘We are about to see a great white come up,” Suchecki said.

The whale carcass was removed from the area Monday, according to Duxbury police, who said swimming was “reopen at your own risk.”


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