Duxbury HS’s football team takes the field for first time since allegations of anti-Semitic language surfaced

DUXBURY, MASS. (WHDH) - Duxbury High School’s football team took the field Thursday night for the first time since allegations surfaced of the team using anti-Semitic language during games.

In March, players allegedly used anti-Semitic, and potentially other inappropriate and derogatory, language while calling audibles on the field. An investigation was conducted and Head Coach Dave Maimaron was fired.

Since then, the team has had to attend mandatory diversity, equity and inclusion workshops.

State Sen. Barry Finegold also met with players to talk with them about how their alleged anti-Semitic language discriminates against Jewish people.

School officials say there is more work and learning that still needs to be done but, getting back on the field is an important step in process of trying to move forward.

Before Thursday’s game, Duxbury and their opponent Scituate released a statement that reads:

“As student-athletes and members of the Scituate and Duxbury high school communities, we stand by our commitment to be inclusive in our words, actions, and spirit. We denounce all acts of hate, bias, and discrimination. We continue to grow and learn as individuals and acknowledge that together, we are stronger. Today we share our love for football, our teammates, and our communities. Thank you.”

An interim coach has not yet been named.

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