Edelman: Texans ‘will be the best team we’ve played all year’

FOXBOROUGH, MASS. (WHDH) - Fans at Gillette Stadium on Saturday night will be treated to two of best defenses in the NFL.

The New England Patriots are not taking any chances as they prepare for the Houston Texans, even though they are heavily favored to win.

“This will be the best team we’ve played all year,” Julian Edelman said of the Texans. “Any time you play a team that’s won a playoff game already, it’s most certainly going to be the best team you’ve played thus far.”

Saturday’s Divisional Round will be a defensive fight. The Patriots boast the number one scoring defense, while the Texans are ranked first in total yards.

“It’s all about staying level-headed and understanding that our goal is not to go 14-2 and win the division,” Edelman said. “We have far more standards than that and our standard is to continue to win and continue to get better.”

The Patriots are hoping to make it to their second Super Bowl in the past three years. Their first obstacle is Texans quarterback Brock Osweiler.
He is a dual-threat player coming off his best game of the season.

“He’s so big. He can pretty much see everything. He can make every throw. He’s a really good pocket quarterback, but he can also get out and he can run,” Rob Ninkovich said of Osweiler.

The Patriots defense is hitting its stride at the right time. They have intercepted opposing quarterbacks in five straight games and they are disrupting the passer.

“Sometimes, believe it or not, a lot of guys get pretty crazy to want to make a play and get up and do the little sack dance or whatever. So always being at home always helps,” Dont’a Hightower said.

The Patriots offensive line must neutralize Jadeveon Clowney, the Texans best pass rusher, if they hope to succeed.

“We know that this is a one-shot deal, and that we have one opportunity to play our best ball on Saturday,” Nate Solder said.

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