Elizabeth Warren makes stop in New Hampshire to talk education, economy, border wall

(WHDH) — Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren worked to win over a crowd at a campaign stop in Salem, New Hampshire on Friday, talking her education and economic plans and taking a swipe at President Trump over his proposed border wall.

“The president of the United States is not looking for an intelligent discussion on this issue,” Warren said. “This wall is not about security. This wall is a monument to hate and division.”

Senator Warren was asked about whether or not she’s too “far left” to beat President Trump. She said she believes her progressive politics can appeal to independent voters.

“We have to say we understand what’s broken,” she said. “We have a clear path of how to fix it and build the grassroots movement to make that happen.”

In Lebanon, New Hampshire, Democratic New Jersey Senator Cory Booker offered fiery criticism of the president as well.

“It’s one thing to stand for the American public and talk about HIV and AIDS,” Booker said, “but then when your budget that you just submitted cuts funding to those programs than that’s what you call a hypocrite and we’re going to make sure we have integrity again in the White House.”

Booker took questions and told the crowd he’s willing to support the Democratic nominee, even if it’s not him.

“Yes, I pledge to support them,” he said. “I saw what happened in the last presidential election when we were too divided to win, so the short answer is yes.”

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