I’ll be the first to take the heat for the lack of heat today. Maybe you didn’t notice, but the temperatures – although mild – didn’t live up to expectations. Perhaps it was because of the lingering snowpack, but I think it was mostly because of the lack of sun. Made a huge difference in the yesterday’s numbers, and its absence was the nail in the coffin for soaring highs near 70.

We’ll make it up to you…but give me a few weeks. The pattern unfolding next week is bleak – full of gray skies and lots of puddles. More about that in a minute. 

The holiday weekend is upon us and a swift-moving storm will head it off. It passes just to our north tomorrow morning and exits quickly by afternoon. I like the idea of brighter skies after lunch, but up until that point, we’ll run the risk of a few showers. We’ll also hold near 50 or so through midday before the cold sends the temperatures down to the 40s by late afternoon. Prepare for the wind, however – that’s the screaming message of the day. Gusts could top 50mph throughout the afternoon as the storm intensifies to our northeast.

Easter Sunday is looking decent, but not ideal. Clouds will approach in the afternoon and there could be a passing sprinkle. Highs aim for 50 once again.

Now onto the pattern next week. Where to start? We’ve been here before: stalled front, onshore wind, lots of gray, lots of showers. Ugh. Let’s go back to the weekend forecast. 

Fret not, it doesn’t look like it will hold forever. May, in fact, shake out by Friday. I’m not in the mood to make promises, however. Hard to do when we are staring down several days of dampness and chill.

Make it a good holiday weekend and be safe!


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