Emails released in Labrie case shed light on how he lured in victim

In wake of the request for a new trial, new details are coming out regarding the New Hampshire prep school student convicted of sexually assaulting a freshman.

Owen Labrie claimed his defense team let him down. He was found guilty of using a computer to lure the victim.

Newly released emails are shedding light on how Labrie asked his underage classmate to an alleged ritual where seniors ask out freshman, sometimes for sex.

In an email dated May of 2014, Labrie writes:

"I want to invite you to come with me, to climb these hidden steps, and to bask in the nicest view Millville has ever had to offer. I hope you’re alright with heights. If you’re not otherwise engages, mull it over."

Labrie’s new lawyer argues the attorney who represented him only focused on the sexual assault charges, not the computer-related charge.

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