EMT accused of stockpiling illegal weapons, impersonating an officer

DUXBURY, MASS. (WHDH) - A Duxbury man accused of stockpiling illegal weapons and impersonating a police officer was called to court Tuesday on an array of serious charges.

Twenty-year-old Christopher Barlow, a college student and EMT in Brewster, was arrested Monday after police suspected him to be in possession of a cache of illegal weapons.

Duxbury police say they received a tip earlier this month that stated Barlow was in possession of the weapons. His family initially denied investigators access to his room, but later complied.

“A family member did go to the Duxbury Police Department and provided to officers a firearm that Mr. Barlow had assembled,” prosecutor Elizabeth Mellow said.

Barlow later showed up at the station requesting his gun be given back, according to police.

“He presented what turned out to be a fraudulent identification card stating that he was a law enforcement officer,” Deputy Chief Stephen McDonald said.

Court documents show Barlow was armed with a handgun and a double-edged knife when police arrested him at Brewster Ambulance in Plymouth.

Police say officers also found Barlow to be in possession of a fake Homeland Security ID card, a special agent Coast Guard badge and a Connecticut special officer’s badge.

Federal agents and a bomb squad raided Barlow’s room and found two locked boxes containing a slew of firearms.

Barlow is being held without bail pending a dangerousness hearing.

An investigation to determine if he is linked to terror is underway.

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