I’m not sure a 43 year old man (father no less) can use the word epic…but wow…Sunday was indeed epic. Today is another epic day with summertime warmth and a lot of sunshine. Normally, we should see our afternoon temps reach the mid 60s but today most of us will reach the low to mid 80s–even the beaches thanks to a westerly breeze! Despite the fact that our afternoon temps will mimic late July the humidity will not! It will be a dry heat so to speak so outdoor plans will be warm but the dry air & breeze make it stellar.

Cue the Imperial March from Empire Strikes Back

Enter backdoor cold front stage right. In this case it’s from the Gulf of Maine. This front will sneak through here around midnight sending temps down into the low 50s by early Tuesday morning and that cool, ocean air takes over the stage on Tuesday keeping the morning temps (in the low 50s) from warming during the day. A lot of cities & towns will be 30 degrees cooler Tuesday afternoon when compared to this afternoon. Also joining the party will be a fair amount of clouds. Wednesday is much the same.

By late week, we will see our winds change from east to south. Two things about this change in wind direction, the first is that will will warm us back into the 60s/70s. It will also turn more humid by late week. This building humidity & an approaching cold front with set us up for an extended period of rain beginning on Friday & lasting through much of Saturday. More on this as the week goes by.

Enjoy that warm sunshine today!


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