Everett City Council votes to provide $5 million to school district

EVERETT, Mass. (WHDH) — The Everett City Council voted Monday to provide $5 million to the city’s school district, preventing layoffs in the short term.

Crowds of residents, along with students and teachers, packed city hall for the hearing. Outside city hall, students and teachers demonstrated in favor of more funding.

In addition to the $5 million, a task force will be established to monitor school spending. The school has a $9 million budget shortfall and without the funding, they would have had to lay off 110 staff members, including 58 teachers.

“I think people are frustarted, people are concerned and nobody wants to be in danger of not working,” said Everett special education teacher Chris Chase.

Mayor Carlo DeMaria said he hopes the $5 million will stop layoffs for now. He said a delegation will be sent to the state to petition for more funding.

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