Everett firefighter describes day he was badly burned fighting flames

EVERETT, MASS. (WHDH) - Following three surgeries, Everett firefighter Scott Dalrymple is recovering from third- and fourth-degree burns as a result of battling a fierce fire earlier this month.

“The pain, it was just terrible,” Dalyrymple said of the July 13 fire.

That day, he showed up to a house fire where a woman was trapped on the second floor and ended up badly burned trying to save her.

“It’s like everything was burning,” he said.

Dalrymple remembers that he and fellow firefighter, Josh Doyon, put on their gear, went inside the house, and climbed the stairs looking for the victim. But they heat got too intense and they turned back. As they went down the stairs, Dalyrymple said the hall burst into flames.

“I didn’t know till afterwards that Josh pulled me out from that hallway,” he said. “I was on fire and the guys had to pat me down to put me out.”

While getting care at Massachusetts General Hospital, Dalyrymple asked about the woman trapped inside the burning house that day. He said he was relieved to hear she escaped to the roof, where fellow firefighters got her down.

“The guys took care of me, but they also took care of her,” he said.

Dalyrymple has received a lot of support from the community while he’s been in the hospital.

“The people … it’s heaven on earth, but you have to go through hell to get here.”

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