Ex-employee who accused Globe’s top editor of harassment appears in court

BOSTON (WHDH) - Hilary Sargent, a former editor for Boston.com, appeared in court Thursday to square off with her former employer after accusing the newspaper’s top editor of harrassment.

Sargent tweeted a screenshot last month of a text exchange she said occurred between her and Globe Editor Brian McGrory. In the exchange, she says McGrory asked her what she wears when she writes.

The screenshot doesn’t show the names of the people texting and it’s unclear when the texts were sent.

Hilary Sargent appears in court

The Globe’s managing director and the president said they began investigating the allegation as soon as they were made aware of it, the newspaper said. Linda Henry and Vinay Mehra said they’re seeking more information about the texts.

Sargent hasn’t said when the exchange took place. McGrory and Sargent have confirmed they dated many years ago, but Sargent said on Twitter they weren’t dating when the texts were sent.

Sargent was an editorial assistant for the Globe in the late ’90s and later worked as both a writer and editor for the Globe-owned Boston.com from 2014 to 2016.

She told the Globe that the newspapers’ lawyers sent her a draft of a lawsuit that seeks to force her to hand over more information, such as the date of the texts.

A judge has ordered lawyers for Globe and Sargent to file additional paperwork by 4 p.m. Friday.

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