Ex-restaurant manager pleads guilty to killing fry cook

MANCHESTER, Conn. (AP) — The former manager of a Connecticut chicken restaurant has pleaded guilty to gunning down a fry cook during an argument apparently sparked by a negative online review of the eatery.

Prosecutors say 28-year-old James Goolsby shot Norris Jackson multiple times in the Bonchon Chicken restaurant in Manchester last December.

The 36-year-old Jackson, a father of seven, was pronounced dead at the hospital the next day.

Goolsby, who pleaded guilty to murder Wednesday, faces 35 years in prison at sentencing scheduled for Jan. 23.

Goolsby’s attorney said Jackson inserted himself into a discussion Goolsby was having with the kitchen help about a poor online review.

He argued that Goolsby had no intention of killing Jackson, who approached his client “looking for a fight.”

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