Exchange Things

 Let’s face it..not every gift we scored was what we had in mind and so today is to right the best intended gift gone awry. The best/worst is when you are in the returns line with a gift and the person that gave you that gift shows up—so awkward and so funny.

I can’t lie, this pattern—-warm & wet–is not why I got into the business. I grew up in the Berkshires and we had snow more often than not around Christmas…..not the case in metrowest these days. I’m ready to swap out this pattern for one with slightly more snow & cold. Slightly being the operative word of course.

There are signs of a pattern change occurring next week. One where we see below normal temps thanks to a jet stream configuration we saw in November–flowing out of Canada and into New England. It looks like the cold will seep into New England during the day on Monday and take hold for the remainder of next week. Until then plan mild temps today through Sunday with afternoon temps in the upper 40s & overnight lows only in the 20s/30s.

As for snow in this colder pattern, I don’t see it as I think the storm track will be suppressed south of New England for much of next week. Some years our snow is front-loaded and in other years we don’t see much snow until February-March. It appears this may be one of those years.

Regardless, enjoy your holiday weekend.