EXCLUSIVE 7NEWS/EMERSON COLLEGE TRACKING POLL: Klobuchar sees post-debate bump, Buttigieg slips

In the first 7NEWS/Emerson College tracking poll since Friday’s debate, the top two spots are still held by Sen. Bernie Sanders and former mayor Pete Buttigieg — but Sen. Amy Klobuchar saw a bump into a solid third place.

Sanders, who has consistently led the poll, is at 30 percent, down one percentage point from the previous poll. Buttigieg is still in second, although he saw the biggest post-debate loss of the poll — he’s now at 20 percent, compared to 24 percent previously.

And Klobuchar, who analysts praised for her debate performance, gained four points — going from 9 percent to 13 percent, good for third place.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren gained a point as well and is currently polling at 12 percent. Former Vice President Joe Biden held steady at 11 percent.

Entrepreneur Andrew Yang gained a point, putting him at 4 percent, while Hawaii Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard lost two points after the debate and is now at 3 percent. Billionaire businessman Tom Steyer is holding at 2 percent.

And the debate gave a boost to former Mass. Governor Deval Patrick, now polling at 1 percent instead of his previous 0 percent. Colorado Senator Michael Bennet is still polling at 0 percent.

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