BOSTON (WHDH) — A group of shark experts confirmed Tuesday it was a great white shark behind last week’s attack near Ballston beach in Truro — making it the first great white attack Massachusetts in 70 years.

Marine fisheries officials paired with a group called “International Shark Attack File” to investigate the attack. They looked at the bite marks on the victim’s legs — and along with his statement, determined it was a great white bite.

The victim, 50-year old Chris Myers, who was vacationing on the cape, received 47 stitches in his leg. He underwent surgery at Mass. General Hospital.

Tuesday, hospital officials released video of Myers as the teeth marks in his ankle were checked out by shark experts.

Myers appeared on CNN’s Piers Morgan Live Tuesday night.

“I didn't actually feel afraid, I felt worried — when it first bit my leg, then I let go, it surfaced, almost like it was like doing a little display,” Myers said.

The shark experts say the great white population has increased off the Cape in recent years–and today, there was another shark sighting, this time, in Chatham. Lighthouse Beach was shut down for a short time Tuesday afternoon. A crew was sent out to patrol the area, but didn't spot any sharks. The beach has since re-opened.

Officials reiterated a warning they've been saying all summer — telling beach-goers, to avoid swimming near seals.

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