I always impressed with extreme weather (not destructive weather though) and when I worked in Minnesota that was about as extreme as it could get. Mainly because the center of the nation is far far form the oceans. The farther from the ocean the larger the swing in temperatures one may experience. I recall one year in Minnesota where winter temps were close to -20 and then 6 months later saw afternoon high temps reach 104! Those kind of extreme temperatures are a challenge for Boston so any time the city’s temp can cross either 100 degrees or 0 degrees….it’s special.

This morning the city had a low temp of -1. The first time since January 24th, 2011 that a sub-zero temp has occurred and only the 3rd time in the past 10 years! Many other cities & towns away from the ocean had low temps between -2 and -10 the second straight winter those cities & towns have seen sub-zero temps. Wind is also an issue creating wind chills between 20 & 30 below zero–dangerous as exposed skin to that cold with freeze within 30 minutes. Our temps recover to the upper teens today but the wind chill temps stay below zero for much of the day.

Thankfully tomorrow is not nearly as cold with temps near 30 but there is a hitch. A 3-4 hour window where some light snow occurs. This light snow should hold off for much of the commute but appears likely between 8-11am. Most towns see a coating-1″–including Boston–but some locales north & west of Boston could get 2″ of a fluffy snow. Sun returns by afternoon and stays with us this weekend.

Stay warm today.


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