Fading Humidity

 Right back into the heat today as a cool front tries to punch into it later this afternoon. That front has been rather busy the past few days but it will have to work hard to pop storms in New England today. The reason is the air starts to dry out slowly as the day goes by. The drier air may not be felt by you but higher up in the sky is where the dry air makes its presence known. The sun’s heat will pop cumulus clouds this afternoon but as those cumulus towers start to grow up into the sky they’ll encounter that drier air which will essentially suffocate those clouds. The result for us?…Very limited amount of thunderstorms later today. Like yesterday, the highest chance of any storms forming will be across far western New England. Some of these storms may make it into the Worcester Hills after 6pm. Metro Boston & the beaches are dry this afternoon.

This front may not pop much in the way of thunderstorm activity but it will be able to shove the heat & humidity out of here late tonight & the rest of the week. This front will be just offshore so clouds may gather a greater numbers down that way compared to the rest of us but overall a nice summer day for tomorrow. Friday & the weekend are dominated by High Pressure. Solid.