BOSTON (WHDH) - Two men who were putting a dinghy in the water at a boat ramp in Charlestown found themselves in over their heads on Sunday when the Hummer SUV that was moving the boat into the water rolled backward into the harbor, where it spent hours submerged before being towed out.

Michael Smith said he and Mike Pisiello had just unhooked the boat when he felt the Hummer SUV start to slip.

“It was like slow motion, almost like going back there was nothing I could do,” he recalled. “Putting the boat in I stopped, he got the boat running, I went out and unhooked it, and as soon as he started backing up and taking the weight off the trailer, the car just started floating, so I’m like, hitting the brakes but it wasn’t doing anything.”

Pisiello said, “I was backing out and then the next thing I know, the back of the SUV lifted up and started to float back, I don’t know what he was doing, I was freaking out.”

As water started rushing into the boat, Smith said he knew he had to get out quickly.

“The water was coming in and I just jumped out the window and got on the boat,” he said.

Neither of the men were injured in the ordeal. Boston police brought in divers to help get the car out of the water.

After several hours, the vehicle was successfully removed.

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