Faithful find comfort during pandemic while marking Good Friday

Good Friday services are taking place across New England and at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross, parishioners are marking the somber occasion a bit differently this year.

Due to the pandemic, seats are spread out and everyone must wear masks.

“This is the day that Christ died for our sins, so this is the most important, even during these times,” Matt Condon said.

Though the importance may stay the same, the process of attending the service has changed. At the cathedral in Boston’s South End, parishioners had to reserve their seats ahead of time.

“I went online and I got the website for the church and I went in and chose my time, it was very easy,” Seminarian Barry Mongeon said.

Inside, masks are required, seats are blocked off for social distancing, aisles are one way only, and holy water wells are dry.

Services are also available on Catholic TV but, some say they had to be here in person.

“It’s called the Church of the Holy Cross because they have a piece of the holy cross that Jesus died on,” Chris Petroff said. “So, I want to be in a place to remember that in a special way.”

After a year unlike any other, this year’s remembrance holds special meaning for the faithful.

“It’s a day of sorrow, so a little easier to unite my own sufferings with Christ’s sufferings. Certainly helps getting through this year, though. Definitely,” Petroff said.

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