Falcons coach Dan Quinn not intimidated by Patriots playoff success

ATLANTA (WHDH) – Boston College product Matt Ryan is set to lead the Falcons against the New England Patriots in just their second Super Bowl appearance in franchise history.

“You know I always felt like we would get to this point, where we’d have an opportunity to play in this game,” Ryan said. “I’m happy that we’re there.”

But the bright lights won’t be foreign for Falcons head coach Dan Quinn. This year’s Super Bowl will mark Quinn’s third Super Bowl in the last four years. It will be his first as a head coach since leaving the Seattle sidelines.

“There’s more media exposure that goes along to it, but our process of getting ready doesn’t change,” Quinn said of the Super Bowl. “Our intent of how we’re going to play doesn’t change. The attitude and identity that we want to play with doesn’t change.”

Quinn got a close look at the Patriots in Super Bowl 49 while serving as Seattle’s defensive coordinator.

“They’re difficult to defend. They use a variety of different formations and personnel groups. They’ve got a huge playbook,” Quinn said.

Quinn says he is well aware of the challenge awaiting his defense.

“I would say it’s a offense that’s well-versed. They have different ways to attack you and you know we’ll have our work cut out for us going through the game plan this week to get ready,” Quinn added.

Quinn acknowledged New England’s wealth of Super Bowl experience, but said he’s not intimidated by it.

“We’re not going to make it up in two weeks so, you know for us, you know we totally trust this process we go through to get ready,” Quinn said.

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