Picking up where we left off on Sunday as the cooler, Fall-like feel to the air continues to settle on in.  With winds out of the east, temperatures barely cracked the 70 degree mark at the coast and made it into the mid 70s inland.

It’ll be cool again tonight, but perhaps not quite as cool as last night, thanks to some batches of clouds working on in.  Most towns fall into the low to mid 50s though.  Those batches of clouds may also filter out the Supermoon tonight.  Clouds are thickest overnight across Southeast Mass and thinnest the farther north and west you go.

The next couple of days, we’ll track a wave of low pressure along a front that’s stalled to our south.  Despite more clouds mixing in with the sun Tuesday and Wednesday, high pressure to our northeast is just strong enough to keep the bulk of the rain to our south.  Good news for the golf game and other sport games you need to get in, bad news if your lawn looks like mine.  With such a persistent onshore wind, there may be a bit of patchy drizzle late Tuesday night/early Wednesday morning.

Humidity and temps go up Thursday as highs near 80.  The warmer weather is short-lived however, as a cold front with scattered showers and storms late Thursday and Thursday night, will cool us back down to end the week.  We’ll likely see the coolest weather since the Spring settle in over the weekend or to start early next week.

Have a great night!

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