Fall River superintendent responds after photo of school lunch sparks ‘unwarranted hysteria’

FALL RIVER, MASS. (WHDH) - The head of public schools in Fall River is asking the community not to “jump to conclusions without the facts” after a photo of a half-complete school lunch shared Monday on social media prompted “irate” calls and emails from a number of parents.

The “Yogurt Fun Lunch” typically consists of carrots, milk, an apple, a cheese stick, two rolls, and yogurt.

A photo of one student’s lunch that showed only rolls, a yogurt, and a cheese stick has sparked “unwarranted hysteria” on Facebook, Superintendent Matthew H. Malone said Tuesday.

“It’s not appetizing or appealing,” parent Michael Kelly told 7News. “I don’t think it’s enough nutrition for the kids.”

Malone says that the lunch served on Monday came complete with all of the usual offerings.

“I don’t like to govern by social media but when I see something erroneous, I correct it,” he told 7News.

Malone says the particular meal is one of the most popular on the menu and that it’s loved by many kids.

“People say crazy stuff and everyone runs around like chickens without their heads on,” he said.

Kelly insists students need more food despite federal guidelines that restrict how many calories the district can serve.

“My kids come home every day and they are hungry or thirsty,” Kelly said.

Malone says all lunches served at Fall River Public Schools meet USDA nutritional guidelines.

“We’re Americans right. We always eat too much,” Malone argued. “We trying to keep kids healthier and keep obesity down.”

Students who don’t want the lunch option can order a ham and cheese sandwich, a sun-butter and jelly sandwich, or a garden salad, according to Malone.

Any parent or guardian with questions or concerns is urged to reach out to Malone’s office.

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