Yikes!  What a cool start to the morning with plenty of towns recording lows in the 40s, in fact, Martha’s Vineyard hit a chilly 39 degrees this morning before quickly bouncing back thanks to the morning sunshine.  While it won’t be mid summer’s warmth this afternoon, it will be a warmer day compared to Friday and a sign of the building warmth to come.

With the building warmth comes the building humidity, a mid-summer’s feel to the air, and occasionally a chance for a passing shower or thunderstorm after today.  With highs in the mid 80s Sunday and Monday and high humidity, there will be plenty of moisture and instability to fuel a few storms, we just need some energy in the atmosphere to trigger them.  We’ll find that energy working into New England Sunday afternoon.  Scattered showers and storms are most numerous across the western half of the start and across New Hampshire mid to late afternoon.  Any thunderstorm will be capable of producing gusty winds and heavy rain, so we’ll keep and eye to the sky.  Although I can’t rule out a thunderstorm near the coast late in the afternoon, we should have plenty of dry hours through the day to allow for some decent beach weather.  Clouds may be a bit of a battle at times with the most clouds early in the day and then again mid to late afternoon.  Hazy sun should break through in between.

Labor Day features a few scattered storms, however, we’ll get our dry hours in as well with some breaks of hazy sun.  The highest thunder threat is mid to late afternoon.

Tuesday is a warm and humid day, and an isolated thunderstorm late in the day is possible, however, much of the day is dry and with highs running into the mid to upper 80s, I say, if you have the day off, beach it!

The humidity lowers a bit toward the end of the week, but temps should remain above average for early September as highs in the 80s just won’t let go.

Have a great weekend!

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