Today won’t start as wild as it did yesterday. No risk of showers, storms or even microbursts (They had one out in Easthampton/Mt. Tom area on Wednesday AM–winds estimated around 100mph). We just have sunshine from start to finish. What we do have is a return to cool mornings so back into the fall wardrobe for the day with temps this AM in the 40s being replaced by temps in the 60s this afternoon. Still a bit of a breeze but not as gusty as Wednesday.

Tomorrow is similar with the sunshine as well as the temps but even less wind. A fantastic fall day–great for raking leaves, snapping pics of them or even making a run into the orchards to grab some apples/cider donuts before the weekend warriors get them!

As for the holiday weekend, I call upon the Meat Loaf tune–Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad–to drive my point home. Sunday & Monday look great with dry weather and seasonal temps. It’s Saturday that may have some issues as a storm passes south of New England early in the day. There will be the risk of some morning light rain south of the MA Pike (from sunrise until 11am) but even that is only about a 40% chance… could turn out dry all day south of the Pike. If you live along/north of the Pike then you have three dry days this weekend (still quite a few clouds on Saturday though).



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