Family and friends say verdict gives Bella Bond justice

BOSTON (WHDH) — Friends and family members told 7News they are thankful the jury decided to convict Michael McCarthy of killing Bella Bond, saying it is justice for the little girl.

McCarthy, 37, was convicted Monday of second-degree murder in the 2015 death of 2-year-old Bella. Her body was found stuffed inside a trash bag that washed up on a Deer Island beach.

“People don’t realize a dangerous, violent man was very close to hitting the streets,” said Michael Sprinsky, a longtime friend of McCarthy’s. “I’m just glad something was done.”

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Sprinsky, a key witness for the prosecution, told reporters Monday he felt justice has been served now that the jury decided to convict McCarthy. He testified during the trial that Bella mother’s, Rachelle Bond, told him that McCarthy had killed the toddler.

“There is not going to be a dangerous man on the street being able to hurt another child,” said Sprinsky.

Sprinsky also said he is “bothered” by the fact that Bella’s mother was only given time served. Bond struck a plea deal to testify against McCarthy after she pleaded guilty to accessory after the fact.

“Karma will take care of that,” Sprinsky said when asked about Bond. He said Bond will also have to live with what happened to her daughter for the rest of her life.

Bond testified that on the night Bella died, she walked into the girl’s bedroom and saw McCarthy leaning over her and punching her in the stomach. She said she saw McCarthy punch her so hard she bounced off the mattress.

Bond said McCarthy told her he had to kill Bella because she was a demon and it was her time to die.

Sprinksy said it was all a joke for McCarthy is the court room.

“He’s a sick, psychotic individual,” Sprinksy said.

Bella Bond’s godmother also said Monday’s guilty verdict is justice for the 2-year-old. Megan Fewtrell said McCarthy had a smirk on his face as the jury’s verdict was read.

“He came in smirking,” said Fewtrell said. “I told him wipe that smirk off your face.”

Fewtrell said she believes McCarthy should have been charged with first-degree murder and that Rachelle Bond should get more time.

“She let me down, she let Bella down and the person she turned into, I don’t know her anymore,” said Fewtrell.



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