WORCESTER, Mass. (WHDH) — Relatives of one of the firefighters who died in the 1999 Worcester warehouse fire, say when burglars broke into their house they stole irreplaceable memorabilia.

“It was gone. It was clearly gone; I didn’t want to accept it,” said Tim Jackson Jr., burglary victim.

Tim Jackson Jr. says his father's war medals along with a replica of the firefighter's badge he wore when he and five other Worcester firefighters were killed in the 1999 warehouse fire.

Memorabilia, given to the family by well wishers, was also taken from the safe.

“I don't think they realized they knew what they had, and how much it means to this family,” said Christina Rose, firefighter's granddaughter.

The Jackson family says the medals and memorabilia were brought out every year around the holidays and the December 3 anniversary of the fire to stir memories.

“It was just so comforting to go back, and look at something and have 1,000 memories come into play and to have a 1,000 things to talk about,” said Rose.

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