Family heirloom found after being lost at baseball field

Tiverton, R.I. (WHDH) — A diamond lost on the baseball diamond!

A family in Portsmouth went on a frantic search after a mother lost an heirloom while she was at her son’s little league game.

“There was just no hope because the field is huge and there’s gravel pits,” said the mother, “and you know grass everywhere and sand.”

Mother Hallie Scraback was driving back from her son’s little league tournament in Rhode Island last week when she noticed her engagement ring diamond had fallen off.

And it wasn’t just a diamond on Hallie’s engagement ring, it was a family heirloom that her husband’s grandfather had passed down.

Hallie then called her husband crying.

“He was like there’s no sense going back,” said Hallie, “And it’s like finding a needle in a haystack. And then our foster son was like you have to go back.”

And she did.

Her children, her foster kids, her husband, everyone was looking for the diamond.

“We were searching everywhere,” said Josh Scraback. “We started at the park and then we went out into the field.”

Hallie’s 10-year-son, Josh, found the diamond on the sidewalk, next to the dugout.

“She was crying and she hugged me,” said Josh. “I didn’t expect to find it.”

And Josh already has plans to keep the diamond in the family.

“And then probably it’ll maybe go to my wife,” said Josh.


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