Fans give Adam Jones standing ovation after racist taunts

BOSTON (AP) - Baltimore player Adam Jones got a standing ovation from fans during his first at bat Tuesday night.

This, in response to what he said happened the night before, when he says more than one fan called him the n-word during the game.

Before Tuesday’s game, Red Sox right field Mookie Betts tweeted saying. “Fact, I’m black too. Literally stand up for Adam Jones tonight and say no to racism.”

Jones said he doesn’t expect Boston to roll out the red carpet for an opposing player but he said using racial slurs is taking it more than too far.

“I don’t care, boo me, treat me as is,” said Jones, “It’s Orioles – Red Sox. I don’t want any special treatment. I don’t need any special treatment. Treat me as normal, just keep the racial stuff out of there.”

Another major league player, Yankees pitcher C C Sabathia, says black players expect racist taunts in Boston.

“We know. There’s 62 of us. We all know when you go to Boston, expect it,” said Sabathia. “I’ve never been called the n-word anywhere but in Boston.”

And Jones said he has heard of these issues before.

“There is along history of these kinds of incidents in Boston,” said Jones. “And I’ve spoke with various players of different era’s and a lot of the things they have told me I can’t say.”

Red Sox president Sam Kennedy apologized to Jones and the Orioles saying the organization must take responsibility for what happened.

“It is really disappointing, upsetting, frustrating,” said Kennedy. “Everyone should feel comfortable at Fenway Park no matter your race, religion, political beliefs, your sexuality, you are welcome at Fenway.”



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